Building Skills and Dreams: A Summer at Young Tinker Academy

This summer we had the pleasure of welcoming students from Adruta Children Home to Young Tinker Academy for an exciting hands-on learning experience. The students from four centers – Khordha, Cuttack, Dhenkanal, and Balangir, arrived in two batches, each eager to discover new skills and unleash their creativity.

Our journey began with a self-discovery session where students were encouraged to reflect on their abilities and aspirations. They were asked to list five things they excel at and five areas they wish to improve. Additionally, they wrote about their inspirations and the changes they want to see in the world.

Next, we engaged the students in a creative exercise to explore their imaginative minds. Each student was given a basic shape and asked to complete it using their imagination. The results were surprising and showcased their unique creativity.

Click on the button below to download what students have drawn in the ‘Think-outside-the-box’ hands-on activity.

The first batch of students dove into the world of woodworking. They learned about essential hand tools and got hands-on experience crafting the initial letters of their names. Planning: They started by sketching their designs on paper, carefully measuring and outlining the dimensions. Drawing: Using scales, protractors, and pencils, they transferred their designs onto wooden blocks. Cutting: With coping saws in hand, they cut out their shapes. Finishing: Finally, they used sandpaper to smooth the edges.

These students then tackled a real-world problem: how to provide shelter, food, and water for birds during the summer. They brainstormed ideas, designed birdhouses, and decided on the dimensions and the type of birds to accommodate. By the end of the session, they had built functional and beautiful birdhouses.

The second batch delved into the fascinating realms of electronics, CAD designing, and 3D printing. They learned about basic electronic components and circuits, including how to light up an LED. The students used a CAD platform to create 3D objects. They brought their CAD designs to life by printing their 3D models.

For one of the sessions, we invited Young Tinker alumnus Om Padhi, a resident of Adruta Children Home who participated in the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge 2023. Om shared his experience and journey of manufacturing a human-powered rover, inspiring the students to imagine the possibilities and dream big. His story served as a powerful example, boosting the confidence of the students and motivating them to achieve their own goals.

Click on the button below to read about Om and his team who won at NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge 2023

When asked about his aspirations, one student shared a heartwarming and profound perspective. He said that every good thing around him inspires him to do good. When he sees a police officer, he dreams of serving with courage. Reading about Abdul Kalam, he aspires to embody his wisdom and humility. Watching a cricketer, he imagines himself playing with skill and passion. Seeing a teacher, he wishes to nurture and inspire others. His dreams are shaped by the goodness he observes in the world, and he aspires to reflect that goodness in his own life.

Here is a story written by one of the students during the creative segment, where they were asked to craft a creative tale.

These student sessions were made possible by the generous support of the IIT-UK Alumni Education Initiative. We are grateful to the IIT-UK Alumni team for believing in our vision and supporting our mission to make a positive impact.

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