Young Tinker Space

What is a Young tinker space?

Young Tinker Space is a collaborative workspace where students can gather to tinker, make and innovate using various tools and materials. 

It provides a supportive environment for innovation, creativity, and hands-on learning. Young Tinker Space (YTS) empower students to turn their ideas into reality, fostering problem-solving skills, technological literacy, and entrepreneurial mindset. They promote a culture of collaboration, sparking curiosity and fostering a passion for lifelong learning.

Glimpse of our tinker spaces

A typical tinker space includes: Hand tools (for carpentry, agriculture, plumbing, electrical, electroics ), Tinkering station (includes 3D Printers, basic electronics fabrication facility), a Resource center (computers),  Tool organizers, Power and internet, Softwares, and Other Rapid Prototyping Tools.

What you need to have to start your own Young Tinker Space?

Clear space of minimum 500 sq ft

Speed internet connectivity & good electrical connection

Computer/ Laptop facility with mic and camera

How can you create your own Young Tinker Space?

Naming rights

The funder setting up the Young Tinker Space will get the naming rights.

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