Young Tinker Space

What is a tinker space?

Young Tinker Space is a tinker space where students collaborate and learn hands-on skills of the future.

Young Tinker Space acts as a centre of innovation for the student community. It is a space which provides tools and mentorship to think, design and innovate for the community.

Glimpse of our tinker space

A typical tinker space includes: Tinkering station (includes 3D Printers, basic electronics fabrication facility), a Resource center (computers), Hand tools, Tool organizers, Power and internet, Software, and Other Rapid Prototyping Tools.

What you need to have to start your own Young Tinker Space?

Space of minimum 1000 sq.ft. (500 sq ft for rural/hilly areas)

Speed internet connectivity & good electrical connection

Lots of enthusiasm

How can you create your own Young Tinker Space?

Our new tinker spaces

Young Tinker Space 2085, Cuttack

Young Tinker Space 2086 @ Solar Village, ADIRE, Jahangirabad

Young Tinker Space 1778, Lingampally, Hyderabad

Young Tinker Space, Bhubaneswar

Naming rights

The funder setting up the Young Tinker Space will get the naming rights.

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