Student Projects

Welcome to our showcase of student projects at Young Tinker Space! Here, you’ll find innovative creations by our talented young minds. From robotics and coding projects to art installations and sustainable solutions, our students explore a wide range of disciplines. Each project represents a unique journey of learning, creativity, and problem-solving. We’re proud to support these aspiring inventors as they bring their ideas to life. Explore their work and discover the future of innovation!

Portable Lamo from Recycled Jar by Samiksha Jena and team (Class 6) March 2020

Skateboard from Old roller skates by Pradesh Pandey and Aman (Class 6)

Satellite Ground Station for communication (April 2024) – VSSUT Burla Students

Furniture out of Waste

River Cleaning bot from Bamboo (Grade 5) Feb 2019

Bamboo Furniture – IIT Delhi Students

Dustbin from monitor (Grade 6)

Bamboo Raft by IIT Delhi Students

Water Testing Equipment for turbidity measurement- IIT Delhi

Paint brush stand from water bottle

NASA Rover 2021

Can Satellite

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