Lights, Camera, Wood Working: An Actress Explores Young Tinker Experience

Telugu Actress Kavya Kalyanram Showcases the Birdhouse She Designed and Built with Young Tinker Pedagogy

We were thrilled to have the talented Telugu actress Kavya Kalyanram join us for a Woodworking session through Young Tinker Pedagogy in T-Works, Hyderabad. Guided by our founders, Mr. Anil Pradhan and Mrs. Vaishali Sharma, Kavya embarked on a creative journey, addressing a real-world problem: providing a resting place for birds during the scorching summer heat.

Kavya’s journey began with learning the fundamentals of woodworking, including the use of basic hand tools. To build her confidence and skills, she started with a small project—creating the letter ‘K’, the initial of her name. She measured and drew the letter on a wooden block, then cut it out with a coping saw. She smoothed the edges with sandpaper, turning a simple piece of wood into a neat letter. This helped her get comfortable with the tools.

With her newfound confidence, Kavya moved on to designing and constructing a birdhouse. She began by deciding which bird species the house would accommodate, ensuring the measurements were tailored to the bird’s size.

Drawing precise measurements on wood blocks, she used a chainsaw and table saw to cut the wood to the required dimensions. Kavya then joined the wooden pieces using nails and a hammer, employing careful measurement and geometry throughout the process. She calculated the angles for the roof and fixed it accordingly, ensuring a snug fit. 

For the finishing touches, she used a power sander to smooth the edges of the birdhouse components. Using a core bit, she drilled an entrance hole in the front panel, creating a welcoming entry for the birds. Finally, she assembled all the pieces, bringing her birdhouse design to life.

Throughout the session, Kavya reflected on the common perception that woodworking is a male-dominated field. She emphasized that women can excel in woodworking, just as in any other field, and expressed her delight in breaking these stereotypes through her hands-on experience.

Kavya thoroughly enjoyed her woodworking session and praised the Young Tinker Pedagogy and its innovative approach to learning. By addressing a real-world problem through a creative and practical solution, she not only honed her woodworking skills but also contributed to a meaningful cause. 

We are proud to have been a part of Kavya Kalyanram’s journey and look forward to inspiring more individuals to explore the world of woodworking, regardless of gender.

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