Young Tinker Village Planning Workshop at Naharkantha Government High School

Welcome to our blog, where we unfold the transformative experience of the “Young Tinker Village Planning” Program at Naharkantha Government High School. This workshop, designed for students in grades 9-10, took them on a journey of creativity, innovation, and community building. Let’s delve into the steps of this remarkable initiative, captured in an engaging video.

Step 1: Unlocking Creativity in the Classroom

Mentors ignited the spark of innovation, creating an environment filled with enthusiasm. Their goal was to introduce students to the captivating world of village planning and set the stage for a day brimming with creativity and new ideas.

Step 2: Dreams on Stickers – Aspirations Worn Proudly

Small stickers became canvases for dreams. Each student wrote down their name and aspirations, providing a glimpse into the future they envision for themselves.

Step 3: Identity on Display – The Power of Small Questions

These dream-filled stickers found a new home on students’ shirts, proudly displayed in the pocket area, sharing their aspirations with the world. Simple questions prompted students to reflect on their roots – the name of their village, a small yet potent connection to their identity.

**Step 4: From the Board to Reality – Understanding the Community**

Basic facilities took center stage as students shared insights about their village’s features on the board. This exercise laid the groundwork for a deeper understanding of their community.

**Step 5: Team Building – Electing Sarpanch and Unique Identities**

In teams, students elected a leader, or “Sarpanch,” through democratic voting. These leaders guided their teams to choose unique names reflecting unity and purpose.

**Step 6: Blueprints of Dreams – Drawing the Village on Paper**

With newfound knowledge of directions, students translated their dreams into tangible blueprints. East, west, north, south – these cardinal points became the guide for their village’s future.

**Step 7: Crafting Canvases – Transforming Ideas into Art**

Colors and glue flowed as students turned plain sheets into vibrant canvases. Starting from the school, the heart of their community, teams meticulously drew every facility.

**Step 8: Adding Dimension – Creativity with Geometry**

Basic geometry came to life as students folded colorful papers to construct buildings, houses, and hospitals, adding depth and dimension to their creation.

**Step 9: Identifying Challenges – Paving the Way for Solutions**

Challenges were identified, sparking innovative solutions. Students brainstormed how better planning could address issues in their village, turning ideas into actionable plans on the model.

**Step 10: Moment of Pride – Certificates of Creativity**

The workshop concluded with a moment of pride as students proudly held their accreditation certificates – a testament to their creativity, collaboration, and newfound knowledge in village planning.

In the heart of Naharkantha Government High School, the echoes of creativity and collaboration linger, painting a promising picture of empowered leaders shaping the destiny of their villages. The “Young Tinker Village Planning” Program not only empowers students but also lays the foundation for a community-driven future. As these young minds dream, plan, and innovate, they pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

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