Igniting Innovation: The Inception of Young Tinker Space at Govt High School, Medical Campus Behrampur

Introduction: Young Tinker Foundation proudly announces the establishment of the Young Tinker Space at Govt High School, Medical Campus, Brahmapur, a groundbreaking initiative made possible through the generous funding of Shri Sidhratha Mohanty and Mo School Abhiyan, Govt of Odisha. This Young Tinker Space aims to inspire creativity and nurture innovation among students in Brahmapur. Let’s delve into the journey of setting up this transformative space and hear from the key individuals who have made it a reality.

Girls in STEM at YTS, Govt High School

Setting the Stage: On the momentous day of July 7, 2023, the Young Tinker Space was inaugurated at Govt High School, Medical Campus Behrampur. Under the guidance and leadership of Principal Prabhati Kumar Mahapatro, the dedicated team from the Young Tinker Foundation, and the generous support of Shri Sidhratha Mohanty and Mo School Abhiyan, this space was carefully designed and equipped to provide a platform for hands-on learning and innovation.

Principal’s Vision: Principal Prabhati Kumar Mahapatro expressed her vision for the Young Tinker Space, stating, “The Young Tinker Space will be a catalyst for transforming our students’ learning experience. It will nurture their curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills, preparing them to become future innovators and leaders.”


Student Testimonials: The excitement among the students was palpable as they gathered in the Young Tinker Space. The 100 selected students embarked on an extraordinary journey, assembling their very own 3D printers under the guidance of Abhishek Shukla, the Educational Manager at Young Tinker Foundation. One student, Jyoti Prabha Nayak, shared her enthusiasm, saying, “Being part of the Young Tinker Space is a dream come true. We are empowered to explore, create, and innovate. It’s an incredible opportunity for us.”


Kids tinkering with electronics circuit
Students watching stories of Role Models at Young Tinker

Unlocking Creativity: The Young Tinker Space facilitated a design thinking session conducted by Anil Pradhan, where students were encouraged to ideate and explore their creativity. The intent creation process played a crucial role in igniting their innovative thinking. The Young Tinker Space provided an atmosphere conducive to learning, with ICE (Intent, Content, and Environment) being the key components that made the experience truly outstanding.

Founder’s Perspective: The Young Tinker Space came to life through the collective efforts of the Young Tinker team, which includes Abhishek Shukla, Educational Manager, Abhipsa Pattnaik, a dedicated teacher, Alok Mohanty, a talented designer, Anil Pradhan, who facilitated a design thinking session, and Vaishali, the founder of the Young Tinker Foundation. Vaishali emphasized, “Our goal is to provide students with an environment where they can unleash their creativity and develop critical thinking skills. We are proud to witness the incredible achievements of our students in the Young Tinker Space.”


Young Tinker Space 1984: The Young Tinker Space has been named “Young Tinker Space 1984” to symbolize its geographical coordinates—19,84. These coordinates reflect the convergence of knowledge, innovation, and a spirit of exploration that defines this space.

Conclusion: The establishment of the Young Tinker Space at Govt High School, Medical Campus Behrampur, represents a significant leap forward in fostering innovation and hands-on learning among students. With the generous support of Shri Sidhratha Mohanty, Mo School Abhiyan, and the unwavering dedication of the Young Tinker team, this space will serve as a platform for students to develop their creative potential and become pioneers in various fields.


Rewarding the efforts of the school principal, Smt Prabhati Mahapatro
Team posing after the completion of the setup of YTS 1984

The Young Tinker Space not only empowers students but also highlights the active participation of girls in STEM education, paving the way for women to excel in these fields. As the Young Tinker Space continues to inspire and shape the minds of young innovators, it will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the future of education.

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