Young Tinker Space 1678 inaugurated at Touch Orphanage, Hyderabad

In a momentous occasion, the Young Tinker Foundation proudly inaugurated the Young Tinker Space at Touch Orphanage, Mehbubnagar, Telangana on 23 December 2023. This initiative is a leap towards nurturing creativity, providing a platform for innovation, and creating a conducive environment for young minds to thrive. 

The inauguration ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of Dr. Mallaiah Battu, Secretary of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Telangana BC Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society, who served as the Chief Guest. The event also welcomed distinguished Guests of Honor, including Shri Sidhartha Mohanty- Co-founder of Areteans, Shri Sandip Patnaik- Sr. Mangaging Director, JLL , and Shri Gourav Joshi- Founding Partner, Bashetty and Joshi Chartered Accountants . In addition, Mr. Anil Pradhan & Mrs. Vaishali Sharma -Founders of Young Tinker and Shri Vinay Kumar Arepally-Founder, Touch Orphanage added to the luminosity of the occasion.

Facilities at Young Tinker Space

Tools on pegboard
Tinkerstations- Soldering, 3D Printing, Electronics
Resource Centre- Computers
Hand Tools - Carpentry, Masonry, Electrical

Young Tinkers fixing the Accreditation Badge on wall.

Students drilling the wall to place the secured " YTS Accreditation Badge"
Students bolting the Badge on Wall
Badge on wall, standing tall!


The inception of the Young Tinker Space traces back to June 2023, when the Young Tinker Team embarked on a pivotal journey to the US Consulate in Hyderabad for their VISA application. During this trip, Shri Sidhartha Mohanty, Co-Founder of Areteans, extended a warm invitation to our founders, Shri Anil Pradhan and Smt Vaishali Sharma Pradhan, to visit Touch Orphanage and engage with the students.

Inspired by the visit, the trio, with the generous support of Shri Sidhartha Mohanty, laid the foundations of Young Tinker Space in Mehbubnagar, Hyderabad, in July 2023—just a month after their eye-opening experience at the orphanage. And now on 23 Dec it is finally inaugurated.

Young Tinker Space offers a range of facilities for students, including Woodworking (covering drilling, cutting, and joinery), 3D Printing, 3D Design, Robotics, Electronics, Electrical, and Coding. All the students from grade 6 to 9 will go through the Young Tinker Curriculum, spanning four years, guides students through a transformative journey, progressing from Tinker to Maker, then to Innovator, and ultimately fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship. Students leanr softskills like teamwork, leadership, rapid prototyping, design thinking, communication as a part of the program.

Super packed Auditorium with kids
Inaugration of Young Tinker Space
YTS, Co-Leader Dayamani anchoring the show
Students welcoming with handmade bouquet
Guests on the dice
Kids having snacks!

The Program

After six months of active operation, the students were proudly bestowed with the Accreditation badge from Young Tinker. Reflecting on the journey, Shri Anil Pradhan remarks, “When we initiated this Young Tinker Space, there were doubts about the potential of the children in the orphanage. However, through unwavering dedication and hard work, our team and students demonstrated that ‘Nothing is impossible with dedication and hard work.'”

The inauguration ceremony, a testament to the students’ capabilities, was orchestrated entirely by the YTS-Touch Orphanage students. The Accreditation badge, symbolizing their achievement, was skillfully placed by our adept students from YTS Mehbubnagar, following the mantra “Measure-Drill-Cut-Hammer-Screw.”

Guests were captivated by the progress showcased during the tour led by the students. They explained the intricacies of TinkerSpace, Tinkersations, Tinkerbox, 3D printing, CAD, and the practical applications of hand tools such as drilling, hammering, and grinding in the real world.

In a dynamic session, five student teams pitched their business ideas to the jury, each receiving a seed funding of INR 1,000 for their entrepreneurial ventures. Explore more about these innovative business ideas in our upcoming blog on Business Ideas: Link here

Startup- "Eco Shampoo" pitching their ideas
All girls startup receiving the grant
All 5 startups that received the funding
Co-Leader, Dayamani explaining their tinkerstation
Group Pic at YTS
Food stalls managed by students

Distinguished Guests and Their Vision:

Dr. Mallaiah Battu, in his address, emphasized the importance of such initiatives in shaping the future of the nation. He lauded the efforts of the Young Tinker Foundation in creating a space where dreams can flourish, and ideas can take flight. He also shared about the inspiring students from underprivileged caterory who achieved big in life.

Shri Sidhartha Mohanty says” Its wonderful to see the impact of the Young Tinker Pedagogy in such small time duration, I believe that our students here will come up with flying colours in coming future” , Shri Sandip Patnaik motivated students by saying” Dream Dream and Dream BIG, If you can think and believe then you can achieve and nothing can stop you from doing so” , and Shri Gourav Joshi says” I’m humbled to be a part of the Young Tinker Family and energy here among the kids are unparallel. I will continue to support this noble cause with great enthusiasm.”  All the guests shared their insights on the role of innovation in today’s world and how empowering the youth with the right resources can lead to transformative changes.

Dr Malliah Battu
Er Anil Pradhan
Er Vaishali Sharma Pradhan
Er Sidharth Mohanty
Shri Sandip Pattnaik
CA Gourav Joshi

A Heartfelt Gratitude:

The success of the Young Tinker Space inauguration wouldn’t have been possible without the support and presence of Mr. Anil Pradhan, Mrs. Vaishali Sharma, and Shri Vinay Kumar Arepally. Their commitment to fostering innovation and empowering the younger generation is commendable and serves as an inspiration to all.

As we embark on this journey of innovation, creativity, and empowerment, the Young Tinker Foundation remains dedicated to creating more spaces like these, where dreams are not just nurtured but are given the wings to soar.

The Young Tinker Space at Touch Orphanage is not just a physical entity; it is a symbol of hope, a testament to the power of dreams, and a promise of a brighter future that we collectively build, one innovative idea at a time.

Felicitation to Chief Guest by Patachitra and Chahami
Founder, Touch Orpanage being felicitated
Students giving his portrait sketch to Shri Sid Mohanty
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