School student’s Startups from Touch Orphanage, Hyderabad helps save the planet

In a small corner of Hyderabad, at Touch Orphanage, a remarkable initiative is taking shape, transforming the lives of young students through innovation and entrepreneurship. The Young Tinker Foundation (YTF) has played a pivotal role in supporting five school students’ startup ventures at the Young Tinker Space (YTS). This innovative space has become a hub for students from grades 6 to 9, providing them with hands-on learning experiences and nurturing their creativity. Let’s delve into the inspiring journey of these young minds and their startup ideas.

The Journey at Young Tinker Space:

The Young Tinker Space program is designed to guide students through four progressive stages of learning: Tinker (for class 6, Level-1), Maker (for class 7, Level-2), Innovator (for class 8, Level-3), and Entrepreneur (for class 9, Level-4). Each stage focuses on specific skills and knowledge areas, ensuring a comprehensive development journey for the students.

Level-4: Entrepreneurship and Carpentry:

The Entrepreneur stage, Level-4, is a unique blend of entrepreneurship principles and hands-on skills like carpentry. Students delve into understanding the needs of their communities and villages, identifying market demands, and then conceptualizing and creating businesses around these insights. This stage equips them with valuable life skills, including communication, planning, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Startup Ideas from YTS, Touch Orphanage:

Saving the planet and your hair: Eco Shampoo Company

Eco Shampoo Company: The first to take the stage was the Eco Shampoo Company, a trio comprising Mahabub-Market connect and Sales, Ragavendhar-Raw material procurement and product, and Venkatesh- Finance and Marketing. Presenting their Ritha-based shampoo derived from the seeds of the Ritha plant, they emphasized its natural and side-effect-free qualities. Addressing the needs of the present youth generation, Ritha shampoo showcased the team’s commitment to providing a holistic and sustainable product. The product’s logo is inspired by green leaves (eco-friendly). The packaging is done with a key focus on “Ritha”. This is priced at INR 75 for 200ml of shampoo. They have tried to sell it to nearby shops and malls.

Personalised Framing and Art Solutions: RDY Framers

RDY Framers Company: Following suit was the RDY Framers Company, represented by Dayamani- Sales, Rajeshwari- Product Development/Artist, and Yashaswi- Packaging in Delivery. Their unique offering, Portrait making using only paper, aimed to infuse a personal touch and handcrafted allure into an industry dominated by plastic frames and printed gifts. Their commitment to eco-friendly and personalized products echoed loudly. They focused on selling the product through innovative sales strategy by connecting with nearby hotels and mandaps to get leads of people who have scheduled their wedding, birthday, and anniversary parties and reaching out to them to get personalised handmade portraits. They aim to employ women and artisans in their community. 

Branded Paper Bags for Businesses: Pepro Bags

Pepro Bags: The third presentation came from Pepro Bags, spearheaded by Jagadeesh, Anil, and Srikanth. Their product, Bags made from newspapers and their handles from jute ropes served as a poignant response to the environmental harm caused by plastic bags. Their dedication to creating sustainable alternatives reflected a conscientious effort towards a healthier planet. Their solution is to target businesses and provide them with newspaper bags printed with the business logo and message. They are now selling 10 bags for INR 50 and 20 bags for INR 80.

Colour your house with sustainable crafts: Wall Hanger Crafts

Wall Hanger Craft: Class 10th students Deepika, Sravya, and Kavitha brought forth the Wall Hanger Craft idea. These handmade wall hangers not only promised to decorate homes but also showcased the artistic talents of the students, adding a touch of creativity to everyday living spaces.

Exotic Flowers and herbs for bouquets: RMP Flowers

RMP Flowers: The finale was brought to life by the RMP Flowers team, consisting of Rayan Josh, Mahima Rani, and Poojitha from classes 12th, 10th, and 8th respectively. Crafting delicate flower bouquets by hand, they aimed to offer an affordable alternative to the market’s plethora of options, combining creativity with accessibility.

A Resounding Success: Shaping Future Innovators

As the curtains fell on the Young Unicorn program, the Young Tinker Foundation celebrated not just the inauguration of a physical space but the ignition of entrepreneurial dreams. The commitment to fostering creativity and innovation was palpable, and as these young minds embark on their entrepreneurial journeys, the impact of the Young Tinker Space on future innovators and leaders is sure to resonate for years to come.

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