Schools students start-ups from Govt School Brahmapur receive funding

In a recent entrepreneurial event organized by Young Tinker, a group of talented and ambitious students showcased their innovative business ideas in YTS 1984 located in the Government High School, Medical Campus, Berhampur.

The event was not just about presenting products but also delved into the personal journeys and aspirations of these young minds. Let’s take a closer look at each unique business idea presented during the pitching session.

Five business ideas were selected to pitch in the final event. These teams gave a pitch among the jury members which consisted of entrepreneurs, and company heads from different organization.

Winning business pitches

Uttam papad

Introducing 'Uttam Papad'! Imagine craving tasty homemade snacks – these students made it happen with their homemade papads in various flavors. These papads are crafted by mothers or women, providing them an opportunity to earn money. Not only does this initiative empower women, but it also ensures high-quality snacks for consumers. Cheers to delicious snacks and supporting local talent! [Team members - Uttam Dora, Prajwal Kumar Panda, Debasish Sahu]

RPY Washing Product

Class 9 students created 'RPY Washing Product', providing an eco-friendly choice for cleaning compared to regular products. Priced at Rs.15 per packet, this chemical-free option is both safe and sustainable. The team emphasized their dedication to environmental sustainability by avoiding harmful chemicals in their product, emphasizing the significance of responsible consumer choices in today's world. [Team members - Rabi Shankar Padhi, Papun Kumar Sahu, Yasir Khan]

HSD Organic Products (Soap & Scrubber)

HSD Organic Product', specializing in homemade organic soaps and body scrubbers. Their products are gentle on the skin and eco-friendly, as they don't use plastic in packaging. The best part is the their scrubber are made out of 'Ridge Gourd'. The team stands out for prioritizing skin health and environmental consciousness. This brilliant idea was presented by Sohan Charchi, Himanshu Nayak, Debray Parida.

Kamakhya Badi

Bhabani Shankar Sahu, Rudra Shankar Sahu, and Bibekananda Sahu have started 'Kamakhya Badi Company', a local effort empowering women by offering reasonably priced homemade products. They also focus on consumers from all age groups and hence have product that are easy to chew, specially made for our grand parents. The team's dedication to women's empowerment through entrepreneurship is praiseworthy, and their focus on affordability ensures their products reach a broader audience.

Jayshreeram Khalipatra

A versatile breakfast and lunch tray that's convenient and eco-friendly. Khalipatra means Sal leaves. Hence their product is made out of Sal Leaves. The team suggests a door-to-door service to make it accessible to everyone. Sridhar Jena's vision for a dual-purpose product without harming the environment showcases the team's innovative thinking. Doorstep delivery adds extra convenience for potential customers.This brilliant idea was presented by Sridhar Jena, Subham Ku Nayak, Soumya Sourav

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